District Invites Restaurants to Become WaterPROs

WaterPro logo and materials

The District is building upon the success of its award-winning Water Conservation Hotel And Motel Program (Water CHAMP) by launching a new companion program for restaurants.

The Water Program for Restaurant Outreach (Water PRO) was launched in May. Water PRO is a free program that helps restaurants conserve water by educating staff and customers. By implementing Water PRO, restaurant management agrees to only serve water upon request, display water conservation materials on tables, conduct self-audits and train staff.

“Water PRO invites restaurants and their patrons to save water and money through simple and efficient actions,” said Robin Grantham, Water PRO coordinator. “By joining Water PRO and installing low-flow spray valves in their kitchens, restaurants can save up to $1,320 per year.”

John’s Corner Family Restaurant in Brooksville was the first to sign up for the program. Restaurant owner Lilly Mundreanu says the tabletop materials get her customers talking and they seem to like the idea. “It’s a win-win situation — good for the environment and good for my restaurant.”

As part of the program, the District supplies free educational materials to participating restaurants, including children’s coloring sheets, table materials and coasters. The District will also provide the restaurants with self-audit checklists and educational workshops on additional ways to save water.

Some of the ways restaurants can save water are by installing low-volume faucets and toilets in bathrooms and by making other simple retrofits.

For more information about the District’s Water PRO or Water CHAMP, visit the District’s web site at WaterMatters.org/waterpro or contact Robin Grantham at 1-800-423-1476, ext. 4782.