District Logotype & Seal

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) offers this page as a means of providing our partners and cooperators our logotype and seal.

We’ve organized files based on the file formats typically preferred by home/office software and professional graphics software. Please contact our webmaster for further assistance.

Which do I use — the logotype or seal?

Our logotype is easier to read when compared with the seal and, therefore, usually preferred. The black-only version guarantees crisp reproduction and accommodates a wider array of reprographic media. (Toll-free number applies to Florida only and is not intended for use outside Florida or for web.)

The seal is usually used when grouped with other state, county or water management district seals, or when proportions or specific uses do not accommodate the logotype. (Twelve-inch adhesive vinyl seals for signage are available upon request through your District liaison.)

Logotype (web version): Seal (web version):
District logo, small GIF
District seal, web small GIF

Logotype & Seal for Standard Office Software

For simple layouts; appropriate for inkjet or laser printing at reduced scale. Not for offset printing. Please note: usually, PNG files provide higher quality than JPG files. Right-click to view at full size or download.

Logotype on white background (RGB or grayscale JPEG format, 1202 x 463 pixels):

SWFWMD logo, color large jpg
SWFWMD logo, B/W large jpg


Seal on white background (RGB or grayscale JPEG format, 600 x 600 pixels):

SWFWMD seal, color large jpg
SWFWMD seal, b/w large jpg


Logotype on transparent background (PNG format, 1202 x 463 pixels):
White logotype – transparent (for use over backgrounds only)
Color logotype – transparent
Black logotype – transparent 

Seal on transparent background (PNG format, 1024 x 1024 pixels):
Color seal – transparent
Grayscale seal – transparent

Logotype & Seal for Professional Prepress Software

SWFWMD Color logotype – transparent

The Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files below are vector files and contain no fonts. Optimal for all printing, especially offset printing with spot color or process ink attributes.

While there’s one logotype used as a standard for representing the Southwest Florida Water Management District, there’s no single standard for ensuring its integrity and readability over complex backgrounds. Below are several alternatives to accommodate common print circumstances. Please use your best judgment to maintain contrast and legibility. Right-click the links below to select your browser’s option to download/save the file.

2-color with tints – Preferred usage, use over white to very light backgrounds (multiple cyan tints plus black).

Black only For use over white to mid-valued or light noisy backgrounds (100% black).

Reverse For use over mid- to dark-valued or dark-noisy backgrounds (white/0% black).

Logotype for digital vinyl cut-out signage:
Use the above black or reverse single-color vector outline of our logotype in EPS file formats. Any appropriate vinyl color may be used with these outline files. (Twelve-inch adhesive vinyl seals for signage are available upon request through your District liaison.)