Current Solicitations

NOTICE: Persons/firms obtaining solicitations from this “alternate view” will not be included on the associated “planholders” list; therefore, shall be responsible to revisit this web page for any changes, delays, or addenda related to the solicitation.

Broadcast Date Identifier Title Date Due Documents
RFQu 23-4106 Pre-Response Meeting
RFQu 23-4106 RFQu 23-4106 General Engineering and Professional Services
RFQ 23-CSC RFQ 23-CSC FY23 Campus Surveillance Cameras
RFB 23-4074 RFB 23-4074 Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration Site Vegetation Management Services
RFB 23-4111 Brooksville Boardroom Audio-Visual (AV) and Video Systems Upgrade
RFB 23-4010 RFB 23-4010 Three Sisters Springs Canal Shoreline Stabilization Construction Project
RFB #22-3944 Northeast Polk County Monitor Well Construction Services
RFP 23CN0003980 RFP 23CN0003980
RFB 22CN0003947 RFB 22CN0003947 Monitoring Well Steel Casing