Get to Know James “Big Jim” Selvey



Basin Board: Alafia River Basin Board
Term: March 5, 2002 to March 1, 2008
Occupation: Real estate broker
Town of Residence: Brandon
Hometown: Tampa

Reason you applied to be a Basin Board member: Having been a Hillsborough County commissioner for two terms, I am aware of the importance of balancing a finite quantity of water between competing interests. The public, the farmers and the individual users all want their fair share. I felt with my experience I could continue to serve the people of eastern and southern Hillsborough County, as I have intimate knowledge of their concerns.

Most important water resource issue: The continuing development of alternative sources of water to facilitate the reduction of our dependence on groundwater supply. I feel we are just beginning to realize the population growth in this area, which will bring even more demands on our resources.

Favorite water resource in the District: That has to be the reservoir. While on the commission, I suggested that we construct a reservoir for the storage of water and as a reuse for mined phosphate land. However, at that time, the powers that be felt the evaporation rate would be too great.

Hobbies or sports: I enjoy hunting and fishing and look forward to my grandson coming along. He just turned seven and has already caught a six-pound bass.

Motto to live by: Enjoy what you do...

Most Important life lesson: Don’t take people or life for granted. I have lost two grown children in tragic accidents, which still beg the question, why? One day they are here, the next they are gone. Enjoy and cherish each and every moment you are around someone you love.

There is too little of what in the world: Understanding

Favorite restaurant in the District: Jesse’s in Brandon. It is a very friendly and popular gathering place for the folks around Brandon, and they serve one of the best prime ribs in all of Hillsborough County.

Favorite movie or television show: The History Channel

What did you want to be when you grew up:
An Air Force pilot

Describe yourself in one word:

Favorite book:
Reader’s Digest... I like short stories.

Favorite singer or band: Glenn Miller

Your most influential role model:
My father

Your favorite sports team or player:
Tiger Woods... Even with his tremendous success he is still a wonderful role model. In the category of coaches, I would choose Coach Dungy... he, too, is a gentleman and a wonderful role model.