Events Spanned the Hillsborough River Watershed

Maritza spins wheelMaritza Rovira-Forino, Governing Board member, assists visitors at the District’s display.

The District celebrated the Hillsborough River and the Hillsborough River watershed by holding a series of events along the river during “Hillsborough River Watershed Awareness Week” in October.

The District’s Hillsborough River Basin Board and the participating city and county governments declared the week of October 20–27 as Hillsborough River Watershed Awareness Week, which was modeled after a similar event last April that focused on the Peace River watershed.

“The Peace River events were so successful at raising the public’s awareness of the watershed and the need to protect it that we decided to bring the concept to the Hillsborough River watershed,” said Kendra Antoine, senior communications coordinator.

Five events held within the Hillsborough River watershed were designed to create watershed awareness, showcase the commitment to protecting the watershed and foster proper stewardship of the watershed. The events featured a variety of activities, including a river cleanup, a canoe challenge, a water-wise workshop, a water conservation-themed play and community events with presentations and educational displays.

During the final event, canoe paddles were presented to local city council members and county commissioners to symbolize how each area is interconnected as part of the watershed.

Participants were given the opportunity to sign a watershed pledge and commit to behaviors that foster watershed protection and water conservation.

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