New Board Members Learn About District

New board members

Nine new Governing and Basin Board members from throughout the District recently attended an information session aimed at giving them a more in-depth view of the responsibilities of the District’s different departments. Board members were given presentations from the Communications Department, Land Resources Department and Mapping and GIS Section.

Patsy Symons, who is also a Governing Board member, and Kathleen “Kathy” Hoy Edgemon serve on the Peace River Basin Board.

Stephen J. Bissonnette and Cheryl E. Johnson serve on the Alafia River Basin Board.

Randall S. Maggard serves on the Coastal Rivers Basin Board.

J. Mac Carraway, Dora Maria C. Thomas and Frank E. Strelec serve on the Manasota Basin Board.

Albert L. “Bo” Rooks serves on the Withlacoochee River Basin Board.