Boys & Girls Club Explores Serenova

boys and girls at various activities

Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Hernando County embarked on a field trip to the District’s Serenova Tract in Pasco County in August. This was the fourth annual District-sponsored field trip for the club, but their first visit to the Serenova property. Approximately 100 children and counselors made the trip this year to learn about water resources through fun, hands-on exercises and explorations.

“The group was excited about visiting Serenova,” said Mary Margaret Hull, District lead youth education coordinator. “It was wonderful to see them learning about water resources and natural systems through this experience.”

The students, who ranged from kindergarteners to seventh graders, rotated through age-appropriate activities, including a nature walk, water quality testing, a fossil and ecology display, a well monitoring technology demonstration and watershed education exercises. Multiple District departments worked together to plan and staff this year’s event.

The kids learned about the importance of water conservation, the need for water quality testing and the benefits of land management. They were able to ask questions about what factors affect water quality and how it can be improved.

The students were also asked to brainstorm different ways they can save water at home. Answers included taking shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing their teeth and giving excess drinking water to plants and animals.

All age groups were able to participate in a nature walk where they learned how the District manages lands and the resulting protection of water, plants and animals. They also learned how to identify both native and invasive plants and animals, and they were encouraged to return to the Serenova property with their friends and families.

“We hope that connecting with nature in this way will make a lifelong difference in how these children view and treat their natural environment,” said Hull.