Board Members Learn About The District

Board Members at Workshop

Veteran and incoming Governing Board and Basin Board members recently took part in a planning workshop at the Tampa Service Office. More than half of the 56 board members attended the workshop that featured District projects and departments.

The workshop featured in-depth lectures, panel discussions and thematic exhibits. It also allowed the Board members the opportunity to talk with Governing Board Chair Heidi McCree.

Jennifer Closshey, Governing Board member and Northwest Hillsborough River Basin Board chair, said she enjoyed the opportunity to get to know other basin board members and staff, and she liked the diversity of subjects.

Lecture topics included the Southern Water Use Caution Area by Executive Director David Moore; northern and central District water supply, by Planning Director Richard Owen; and a legislative update by Community and Legislative Affairs Director David Rathke.

The thematic exhibits included water resources education displays from the Communications Department, conservation and reuse displays from the Resource Conservation and Development Department, land acquisition and management displays by the Land Resources Department and a resource regulation display by the Regulation Department.

“I enjoyed the information about the legislative session and explanation of the various bills,” said Ben Huss, Withlacoochee River Basin Board member. “I also enjoyed the displays. Very impressive!”

The afternoon wrapped up with several discussion panels led by Governing Board members and District staff. Governing Board Treasurer Judy Whitehead and Deputy Executive Director John Heuer led the discussion about regulation issues. Governing Board Secretary Patsy Symons and Deputy Executive Director Bruce Wirth led the discussion on resource management. Governing Board member Watson Haynes II and Deputy Executive Director Gene Schiller led the finance and administration discussion. Governing Board member Tom Dabney and Executive Assistant Lou Kavouras led the discussion on outreach and planning.