2015 Regional Water Supply Plan

2015 Regional Water Supply Plan Executive Summary

The Regional Water Supply Plan (RWSP) consists of an executive summary and four geographically-based volumes corresponding to the District’s four designated water supply planning regions (Northern, Tampa Bay, Heartland and Southern).

The District’s Governing Board approved the final plan at its Nov. 17, 2015 meeting. The final Board-approved RWSP is available for review below. The District accepted public comment on the draft RWSP through an online comment form, emails to the project manager, and through the mail. Comments and questions are addressed and tracked in a 2015 Public Comments and District Responses document available below.

Board Approved 2015 Regional Water Supply Plan

  • Appendix 2-1 - Priority List and Schedule for MFLs
  • Appendix 2-2 - MFLs Methodologies
  • Appendix 3-1 - Demand Projections for Agriculture
  • Appendix 3-2 - Demand Projections for Industrial/Commercial, Mining/Dewatering, Power Generation
  • Appendix 3-3 - Demand Projections for Public Supply
  • Appendix 3-4 - Demand Projections for Landscape/Recreation
  • Appendix 4-1 - Reclaimed Water – Existing and Future by County
  • Appendix 4-2 - Criteria for Determining Potential Availability from Rivers