Regional Water Supply Plan

The District’s Regional Water Supply Plan assesses the projected water demands and potential sources of water to meet demands over a 20-year period. The Plan is updated every five years, in accordance with Section 373.709, Florida Statutes.

Why We Do It

RWSP Planning Regions

The 2015 Regional Water Supply Plan (RWSP) is an assessment of projected water demands and potential sources of water to meet these demands in the Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) for the period from 2015 through 2035. The RWSP consists of an executive summary and four geographically-based volumes that correspond to the District’s four designated water supply planning regions (NorthernTampa BayHeartland and Southern).

A Framework for the Future

The RWSP provides a framework for future water management decisions in the District and demonstrates how water demands can be met through a combination of alternative water sources, fresh groundwater and water conservation measures.

The District’s first RWSP was published in 2001 and is updated every five years. The District updates the RWSP with significant public comment to ensure all stakeholders with the opportunity for input.

For the 2015 RWSP, the District held public workshops, with live webcasting, to provide status updates, answer questions and solicit public comment. The District also developed this webpage to provide public drafts of the documents, advertise public workshops, and solicit comments from all interested stakeholders including the public. This process helped shape the final RWSP. Development of the 2020 RWSP will be initiated later this year.