Section A, Maps - Public Supply Service Areas

The quality of population estimates and projections depends on the accuracy of the map of a particular service area. Therefore, it is important to review your public supply service area map using either ArcGIS or the Map Viewer links below. Map Viewer is a web-based application that allows you to view maps without having GIS software.

It is important that the map we have on file for your service area is accurate. The population data and ratios provided in Section B are based on this map. If your service area has expanded significantly (e.g., recent annexation) or shrunk (e.g., deletion of territory), you should contact us. Contact information is found in the lower right corner of this website.

Please note that we are unable to make changes to your utility retail water service area boundary if they would result in overlaps with another utility. Any population within, or projected to be within, an overlap will be counted as self supplied (i.e., not included in either service area) for all District applications of this GIS layer. To incorporate your new boundaries into our GIS layer requires supporting documentation that would substantiate any claimed overlapping areas. By rule, revisions to your service area boundary must be made relative to the boundaries in the District’s service area layer to avoid unintentional overlaps. Please review contact information associated with your service area. You may submit updates using the Public Supply Service Area Information form. Keeping this information current ensures you are notified of any apparent discrepancies, overlaps, or other service area related issues.

By rule, significant definable areas (such as blocks, subdivisions and trailer or RV parks) that are self-supplied within your service area must be delineated and identified as “self-supplied.” Other utilities within your service area must be excluded or they will result in an overlap.

Review Area Map

ArcGIS users: Download the Public Supply Service Areas Layer via the District’s Open Data Portal.

Non-GIS users: Use our Public Supply Service Areas Map Viewer. This map viewer may take a minute to open completely. Map viewer is not available from 10 p.m to 6 a.m. for maintenance.

Need help? This document will guide you on viewing your service area, obtaining lodging room data and, if not using the District-provided data, will also guide you on how to obtain census data for your retail water service area using the Map Viewer.

Public Supply Service Area Information form

Please use the Public Supply Service Area Information form to submit any contact person or contact information changes.