Water Quality Data

Water Quality Data

Water quality data are categorized under two major resource types — groundwater and surface water.

Groundwater Quality Data provide information on existing groundwater quality conditions and water quality trends within the District’s groundwater resources, including springs. They also improve the District’s understanding of groundwater quality concerns, support development of watershed management priorities and plans, and assist in measuring the success of implemented projects, programs and cooperatively funded initiatives.

Surface Water Quality Data are accessible for long-term and specialized surface water quality monitoring projects that occur at rivers, streams, lakes, canals and estuaries. These data provide status and trend information for watersheds located throughout the District.

The Water Management Information System (WMIS) is the District’s official database of groundwater and surface water levels, flows, water quality, atmospheric data and geohydrologic data, including monitoring site information. Current and historical data for long-term and specialized surface and groundwater water quality monitoring projects can be found in the WMIS. Water quality data included within the WMIS are collected or funded by the District to support resource management decisions and performance measurement goals.

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PLEASE NOTE: The way to access data will be changing in the coming months. The Resource Data module of WMIS will be replaced with a more modern Environmental Data Portal. To receive email updates about these changes, sign up here.

Find water quality data for wells, springs, rivers, streams, lakes, canals and estuaries.

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Find groups of related monitor sites, linked permits, and associated site photos, maps and reports.

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This map allows users to locate sites with water quality data and then link to the data in the District’s Water Management Information System (WMIS) to view the data and export it if desired.

Assistance with the WMIS
Contact the WMIS Help Desk at (352) 754-3456 Monday–Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or email the WMIS Help Desk.

Technical Resources

The District produces reports, summaries, and manuals in relation to our long-term surface and groundwater quality monitoring networks and water chemistry laboratory.

Other Water Quality Data Sources

In addition to the District’s water quality data, the following are links to other sources of surface and groundwater water quality information.

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