Rainbow River



  • Home to the fourth largest spring in the state of Florida, Rainbow Springs
  • Discharges an average of 493 million gallons of water per day into the Withlacoochee River
  • Designated an Outstanding Florida Water and an Aquatic Preserve
  • Located in Marion and Citrus counties
  • 73-square-mile watershed


The main challenge facing Rainbow River is the rapid growth experienced within its watershed. This growth is causing an increase in pollutant loads, which, over time, can affect the water quality of this system.



Through cooperation with other government agencies, these challenges are met by:

  • Continuing to monitor water quality and develop pollutant reduction goals as needed
  • Maintaining water clarity and identifying areas for improvement
  • Developing projects to protect and manage aquatic and emergent vegetation

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Success Indicators

Successful project implementation is indicated by:

  • Improved water quality and clarity
  • Increased native aquatic plant coverage

Future goals are then developed through an adaptive management process, always striving to help restore Florida’s natural ecosystems.