Crystal River/Kings Bay



  • Tidally influenced Kings Bay is the headwater of Crystal River
  • Hydrologically unique springs system comprised of more than 30 springs
  • Designated an Outstanding Florida Water
  • Located in Citrus County
  • 364-square-mile watershed
  • Kings Bay forms the largest, natural warm-water refuge for the Florida Manatee in the United States.


Two main challenges exist in the Crystal River/Kings Bay watershed:

  • Reduction in water clarity
  • Increase and spreading of undesirable aquatic vegetation that causes habitat destruction and recreational impairment


Through cooperation with other government agencies, these challenges are met by:

  • Stabilizing or removing sediment from areas which have been demonstrated to contribute to reduced water clarity
  • Improving stormwater systems to remove sediment and debris from runoff
  • Revegetating with desirable submerged aquatic vegetation
  • Restoring vital habitat

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Success Indicators

Successful project implementation is indicated by:

  • Improved water clarity
  • A decrease in nuisance plants and increases in desirable submerged aquatic vegetation

Future goals are then developed through an adaptive management process, always striving to help restore Florida’s natural ecosystems.