News in Brief...

Website Enhancement

The District recently launched two new microsites featuring information on the Alafia River watershed and the Florida Water StarSM program.

Alafia River Watershed Excursion takes you on a virtual journey through Hillsborough County’s largest watershed, measuring 270,000 acres. The website includes information about the Alafia River watershed’s history as well as the plants and animals that rely on this natural habitat. In addition, the website features panoramic site photos of Cockroach Bay and the Schultz Preserve as well as a gallery of natural and historical photos.

Florida Water StarSM offers homeowners and business professionals a new information source about saving water and money through the Florida Water StarSM program. The newly redesigned website features resources for builders, developers and other construction industry professionals as well as consumers and program certifiers. In addition, the site has more photos and provides information about specific projects.

Currently, more than 10 percent of visitors are now using mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. Because of this growing trend, most new sections and pages now use responsive web techniques that allow for easy browsing on all devices.

Bartow Service Office

The District’s Governing Board voted at its February meeting to begin the process to sell its Bartow Service Office and relocate staff to two other locations in the area.

The move is part of the District’s reorganization to increase efficiencies, reduce operational costs and meet the District’s core mission responsibilities in the areas of water supply, flood protection, water quality and natural systems.

About 10 field employees will relocate to the District’s existing Lake Hancock property. Also, the District will look to lease office space in an existing government building in the Bartow area for about 15 additional employees.

The District will continue to maintain a local presence in these offices to maintain quality customer service and to ensure the public has convenient access to District staff.

Florida-Friendly Fertilizing

The District reminds residents to use Florida-friendly fertilizing practices.

Florida-friendly fertilizing is an annual campaign encouraging residents to responsibly maintain their lawns. It emphasizes using slow-release fertilizers, following package directions, avoiding fertilizing before heavy rains, and only fertilizing when needed and grass is actively growing.

Residents can visit for step-by-step instructions on fertilizing appropriately and to watch corresponding how-to-videos. Residents also can order a free “Do-It-Yourself Guide to Florida-Friendly Fertilizing” for more information.