Office Supplies Find a Good Home With Hillsborough County Schools

The renovation of the data center at the Tampa Service Office has led to an unexpected windfall for Hillsborough County students.

“After 17 years in the data center, we had a lot of office supplies that we didn’t need anymore,” said Ed Jordan, computer operations manager.

Most of the supplies consisted of three-ring binders that held dated reference materials or materials that are now stored digitally. Other supplies included pens, staples that did not match any staplers, and dry-erase boards. All of these items that would have been thrown out can be used in the schools. Jordan realized the value of these items and contacted the Teaching Tools for Hillsborough Schools program, which is supported by the Hillsborough Education Foundation.

The goal of the program, formerly known as “A Gift for Teaching,” is to provide students with school supplies at no cost. Each month, eligible teachers from 70 Title I schools are invited to “shop” for free supplies to bring back to their classrooms. Currently there are approximately 1,850 eligible teachers and more than 50,000 at-risk students annually that benefit.

The District donated 59 boxes of office supplies to the program.

“I received thank you notes from two Franklin Middle School students,” said Jordan. “They really appreciated the pens, pencils, paper and art supplies.”

To learn more about the Teaching Tools for Hillsborough Schools program, please call (813) 740-7651.