Wilderness Park Off Road Trails System

This popular single-track woods trail has a natural surface and shady canopy. The 20-mile main trail and 15 miles of side trails traverse the Trout CreekMorris Bridge and Flatwoods areas.

Habitats along the trail vary from cypress swamp, hardwood floodplain forest, upland hardwood hammocks, pine flatwoods, oak scrub, dry prairie, wet prairie and lakes.



  • If you need assistance on-site, locate a park ranger or a volunteer trail steward. Stewards are identified by numbered placards on the front of their bikes.

Park Details

Street Address

12573 Morris Bridge Road
Thonotosassa, FL 33592
United States

1500 Acres
Hours of Operation
Daily from sunrise to sunset.

Recreation Opportunities

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Recreation Description
  • Riders required to stay on marked trails.
  • Watch for hikers and runners. Always yield the trail to pedestrians.
  • Florida law requires bicyclists under 16 to wear helmets.
  • Use proper trail etiquette on and off pavement. Make encounters with others pleasant. Warn others when passing from behind. When stopping, move completely off trail. Use caution at blind corners and make your presence known. Avoid muddy trails. Do not skid.
  • Rules of the trail: ride on open trails only, leave no trace, control your bicycle, always yield the trail, never scare animals and plan ahead.

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Recreation Description
  • Watch for uneven terrain and exposed roots.
  • Beware of fast-moving bicycles. Use extra caution when approaching blind corners.

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Picnic Facilities

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Additional Information

Access and Parking
  • Located east of I-75, south of New Tampa.
  • Five major access points offer parking. Accessible from Morris Bridge Road are Trout Creek Park, Hole-in-the-Fence trailhead, Morris Bridge Park and Flatwoods Park. The other entrance is on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.
  • Admission fee.

Limited Access Areas

  • In Morris Bridge Bicycle Area, bicycles must remain north of Cow House Creek to avoid eroding creek bed and entering Jefferson Equestrian Area. Observe posted signs.
  • Some trails are seasonal and subject to temporary closure during rainy season. Trails may also be closed for maintenance or restoration. Observe posted signs.
  • Because this is a flood detention area, the dam on the Hillsborough River at Trout Creek Park is occasionally shut. Parks are subject to closure when the area impounds water.
Restrooms and Water
  • Restrooms are not available on this property; however, restrooms, water fountains and bike washes are available at Trout CreekMorris Bridge and Flatwoods parks.
  • Dogs must be on a leash no more than six feet in length.
  • Owners are required by law to pick up after dogs.
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