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Demographics »

A comprehensive source for public supply service area population estimation information. Brings together all the resources necessary to help generate and accurately estimate the population of a service area.

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Geohydrologic »

Aquifer test data, geohydrologic profile data (water level, slug test, and water quality), stratigraphic data, lithologic logs, geophysical logs and geohydrologic well site reports/summaries.

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GIS, Maps & Survey »

Geographic Information System (GIS) data, digital imagery, map viewers, printable maps and survey benchmark information.

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Hydrologic »

Current and historical groundwater, surface water, and atmospheric data (rainfall, wind direction and temperature) as well as monitoring site characteristics from our Water Management Information System (WMIS).

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Water Quality »

Current and historical data for long-term and specialized surface and groundwater water quality monitoring projects as well as site characteristics can be found in the WMIS.