Environmental Data Portal

The District is migrating all resource data — site and station metadata, hydrologic, geohydrologic and water quality data — from the current Water Management Information System (WMIS) to a new system this summer.  

Project Information

A new web portal, called the Environmental Data Portal (EDP), will replace the current WMIS Resource Data interface and will be an easier and faster way to obtain resource data. It is important to note that the EDP is only replacing the Resource Data WMIS web interface, not the e-Permitting component of WMIS.


The new portal will be more intuitive than the current WMIS web interface. It will provide enhanced site, station and data search capabilities including:

  • a mapping interface
  • graphing multiple time series in one plot
  • support for multiple data download formats

Assistance will be available in the form of instructional text and videos as well as through email for advanced inquiries.

Project Timeline

Development of the portal is currently underway and it is expected to be available this summer.