Daily Hydrologic Data

Daily Rainfall Update

The rainfall data below provide a summary of daily and month-to-date rainfall totals at 125 locations in the District. The Rainfall Data Collection Sites map shows the locations of the measurement stations and the Daily Rainfall Data chart shows rainfall accumulations in inches. (Click any image to view full size.) Download printable version »

Rainfall Data Collection Sites

Rainfall Data Collection Sites

Daily Rainfall Data

Daily Rainfall Data

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Daily River Flow Update

The river data below indicate the current river flow at 16 key monitoring sites, relative to their respective normal ranges. The flow measurements are provided by the United States Geological Survey. The normal range is represented by the shaded portion between the daily 25th and 75th percentiles. (Click any image to view full size in a new window.)

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Daily Report of Surface Water Elevations

The District manages flow and storage in numerous lakes and canals using various water control structures. The water levels in these water bodies are monitored in realtime to provide water managers with the information they need to control levels and to maintain flow. The table below reports the most recent levels available, and compares them with levels from the previous day.

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