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Water Conservation

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Florida’s water is a precious, limited resource that should be saved whenever possible.

Water conservation is a key link between balancing current and future water needs. Our conservation materials focus on resources for local businesses, industries, communities and individuals.

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Materials & Publications

Conserving Water at Home

Conserving Water at Home

Saving Water Indoors »

Stop the leaks, slow the flow and use water wisely!

Saving Water Outdoors »

Reduce your outdoor water consumption by taking a few simple steps.

Fix It for Less »

Save water and money by installing a few water-saving devices in your home!

Florida Water Star℠ »

A voluntary certification program for builders, developers and homeowners.

Water Conservation Pledge »

Join your fellow Floridians and pledge to conserve water. It’s our water and it’s worth saving.

Rain Barrels »

The water savings from using stored rainwater, rather than municipal or well water, can be substantial over time.

High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate Programs »

Find a participating program that will reimburse you for replacing inefficient toilets with high-efficiency models.

Landscape and Irrigation Efficiency Programs »

Find a participating program that evaluates your landscape or irrigation system and provides a list of recommendations to improve efficiency.

Conserving Water at Work

Conserving Water at Work

Florida Water Star℠ »

A voluntary certification program for builders, developers and homeowners.

Agricultural Conservation »

Helpful resources for conservation and incentive programs supporting the agricultural community.

Water CHAMP℠ »

Water Conservation Hotel and Motel Program (Water CHAMP) is designed to help hotels and motels save water for Florida’s future in ways that save money.

Water Conservation in Restaurants »

Don’t allow your water bill to drain additional money from your restaurant’s profits.

Conserving Water for Utilities

Conserving Water for Utilities

Water Audits »

Test for leaks and check the efficiency of a water delivery system.

Water Rates »

Water utilities can reduce water use and maintain revenues by using water-conserving rate structures.

Water Conservation Program Model »

Estimate costs and water savings associated with different water uses and conservation measures.

Cooperative Funding: Water Conservation Projects »

Cooperative Funding offers a 50/50 cost-share program for conservation projects (view under “project guidelines”).

Commercial Conservation »

Industrial, commercial and institutional water conservation case studies.

Water Loss Reduction Program »

An ongoing conservation service that provides assistance to permitted water utilities in an effort to increase system efficiency and reduce system losses.

Conserving Water in School

Conserving Water in School

Classroom Challenge »

Have your class take the water conservation pledge to commit to save at least 10 gallons of water per day.

Every Drop Counts »

Take simple steps to save water in your daily activities.