Tips for Homeowners to Save Water and Save Money

Water 101 for Homeowners

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Welcome homeowners! The choices you make - from the plants in your yard to what toilet you install - can make a big difference in your overall water use. And, everything we do on land can affect the health of our water resources. It’s important to consider water savings and protection to understand your personal impact. The resources below will help you and your neighbors learn more about all things water!  

Irrigation Tips and Water Restrictions

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Lawn irrigation in the Southwest Florida Water Management District is restricted to twice a week, however, some local cities and counties have special schedules or stricter one-day-per-week measures in place. Understanding how and when to adjust your irrigation system to meet current or seasonal weather variations is important, and usually simple to do.  

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™

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Create a vibrant landscape that requires minimal water, fertilizers and pesticides to thrive. The Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program (FFL) outlines nine key principles to achieve a landscape you can be proud of while also protecting the environment. 

Water Saving Tips

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A little savings here and there can really add up over time! The resources below teach you simple ways to implement water savings at your home that make a difference. 

Protecting Water Resources

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Protecting our shared water resources is everyone’s responsibility. The fertilizers and pesticides homeowners use can find their way into our water systems through runoff and seepage into the aquifer. However, there are ways to reduce our use of these products and minimize negative impacts.

Rebates and Grants

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There are many rebates and grants available for homeowners that help promote water conservation. Finding the right one can help you offset the costs of upgrades or repairs to your home. Before you start your next home project, search for possible rebates or grants to help you save water and money.

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Water 101 for Communities

If you’re on your homeowner’s association board or you’re a community association manager, visit our sister page, Water 101 for Communities, to learn about trainings, project funding opportunities and educational resources that are ready to share with your residents.