Water Conservation Summary Report

Water conservation is a key component of the District’s mission to ensure the public’s water needs are met and is one of the 12 Strategic Initiatives outlined in the District’s 2024-2028 Strategic Plan. Within the Conservation Strategic Initiative, the District’s goal is to enhance efficiencies in all water-use sectors to ensure beneficial use.

Water use data provides evidence of the District’s continued commitment to water conservation. For several years, the District has maintained the lowest public supply per capita rate in the state, currently at 103 gallons per day. While the population in the District has grown 133 percent over a 40-year period from 1982-2022, total water use has decreased by 23 percent due to increased conservation and development of alternative water supplies. Conservation is generally one of the most cost-effective tools of water supply planning for population growth, allowing the deferral of development of more expensive traditional or alternative water supply projects.

This report summarizes the District’s water conservation efforts, including annual accomplishments and measurable water savings, for Fiscal Year 2023 (Oct. 2022-Sept. 2023). Information on reclaimed water or source substitution can be found in the District’s Annual Reuse Report.