Recycled Water

Recycled Water – Safely Supplying Florida’s Future.

What is Potable Reuse?

Potable reuse refers to highly treated recycled water from various sources people can use for drinking, cooking or bathing.

Is Recycled Water Safe for People to Drink?

Yes. This type of recycled water uses proven technology to make the water safe. The water meets or is a higher quality than strict state and federal drinking water standards.

How Does Recycled Water Help Our Environment?

Reusing water relieves pressure on Florida’s water resources and ecosystems. The more water we recycle, the more water remains in our rivers and springs for the plants and wildlife that rely upon them such as fish, birds and manatees.

Why Should Recycled Water be Added to Florida’s Water Supply?

Florida is growing at a record pace, with an estimated 1,000 people moving to the state daily. Floridians use nearly 6.4 billion gallons of water per day. Our aquifers, lakes and springs cannot keep up with our need for water. In fact, we need an additional 1 billion gallons of water per day by 2040. Our supply is not endless, expanding the use of recycled water is one way we can help ensure there is plenty of water to meet this demand.

Do other states use recycled water to supplement their drinking water supply?

A variety of recycled water projects have been implemented from coast to coast in the United States, around the globe and even in space.

How is Recycled Water Purified and Treated?

The advanced processes used to treat recycled water provide a safe, reliable and sustainable drinking water supply.

  • First, recycled water, used for potable reuse, goes through multiple advanced pretreatment processes, aeration and nutrient removal.
  • Next, the water receives additional filtration to remove microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria and other pollutants.
  • The last steps include protection through advanced disinfection treatments such as ultraviolet light, ozone and peroxide.

How You Can Learn More:

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