Little Manatee River — Lower Tract

Jointly purchased by the District and Hillsborough County, this property is significant to the protection of the Little Manatee River, a major tributary of Tampa Bay, and is designated an Outstanding Florida Water. The river is the third largest in Hillsborough County and has a dominating influence on the surrounding area, including the intertidal wetlands of the Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve. The lands purchased thus far contain some of the most pristine river frontage remaining in Hillsborough County. Together with the Little Manatee River State Park, six miles of river shoreline have been preserved to its natural state.

The property includes undeveloped uplands and wetlands associated with the Little Manatee River system. The uplands include pine flatwoods, dry prairie, sand pine scrub, mixed hardwood and pine forest areas, and coastal hammocks on numerous riverine islands. The riverine areas range from estuarine to freshwater systems. Conservation of the lands protects the river and its floodplain and wildlife habitat for future generations.

Park Details

Street Address

United States

1372 Acres
Hours of Operation
Daily from sunrise to sunset.

Recreation Opportunities

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Recreation Description

Recreation Term


Recreation Description
  • One back country campsite along river — letter of authorization needed for camping from the Hillsborough County Conservation and Environmental Lands Management Department.
  • No water or other facilities available.
  • Limited campsite maintenance due to fluctuating water levels. Expect conditions to be somewhat overgrown following periods of high water.
  • Pack out all supplies, trash and equipment that were packed in.

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Additional Information

Access and Parking
  • Access from river only; no parking.
Restrooms and Water
  • No restrooms or water available.
  • Southwestern Hillsborough County, southeast of Ruskin, east of Sun City
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