Springs Coast Steering, Management and Technical Committees

There are more than 200 documented springs throughout the District. However, most individual springs cluster around 16 groups of springs, five of which are classified as first-magnitude groups based on the amount of water they discharge.

While recognizing the need to manage all springs, the District places a priority on the five first-magnitude spring groups: Rainbow, Crystal River/Kings Bay, Homosassa, Chassahowitzka, and Weeki Wachee. These spring groups, located in or discharging to an area known as the Springs Coast, collectively discharge more than one billion gallons per day. 

Each spring system in the Springs Coast region is a unique, complex system with different sets of challenges, so each one will require different management techniques. To address these issues, the District invited local, regional and state agencies to form the Springs Coast Steering Committee (SCSC). The first goal of the SCSC is to develop management plans tailored for each spring system to identify issues, solutions, costs and responsibilities.

To assist in the effort, the SCSC has created the Springs Coast Management Committee (SCMC) to review technical data and make recommendations to the SCSC. The SCMC is composed of representatives from the founding organizations of the SCSC, along with other involved stakeholder groups. (See list below.)

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Springs Coast Steering Committee Members

Agency Representative Title
City of Crystal River Robert Holmes City Council Member
Citrus County Rebecca Bays County Commissioner
Hernando County Beth Narverud County Commissioner
Marion County Kathy Bryant County Commissioner
Pasco County Ron Oakley County Commissioner
FDEP Kim Shugar Director, Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration
FFWCC Gregory Workman Northeast Regional Director
FDACS Yesenia Escribano Environmental Administrator, Office of Agricultural Water Policy
SWFWMD Kelly Rice Governing Board Member, Chair


Springs Coast Management Committee Members

Agency Representative
City of Crystal River Ken Frink
Citrus County Ken Cheek
Hernando County Alys Brockway
Marion County Jody Kirkman
Pasco County Jason Mickel
FDEP Ken Weaver
FFWCC Michelle Sempsrott
FDACS Jessica Stempien
SWFWMD Michael Molligan
FGUA William Fontaine
Agriculture Curt Williams
Public Supply Suzy Folsom
Environmental Charles Lee
Regional Planning Council Alana Todd
Industry Ilia Balcom
Academia Dr. Patricia Spellman
State Parks

Rick Owen

Technical Work Group Participants (Invited)

Name Organization
Christopher Farrell Audubon Florida
Deb Burden Citrus County
Christina Malmberg Citrus County
Enrique Latimer Duke Energy
Lauren Campbell FDEP
Eric Nagid FFWCC
Maria Merrill FFWCC
Sam Cain FGUA
Chris Becker Florida Park Service
John Burnett Hernando County
Patrick Tara INTERA
Alan Garri Kimley and Horn
Jocelyn Nageon de Lestang Marion County
Kevin Vickers Marion County
Kelsey Current Pasco County
Del Bottcher Soil and Water Engineering Technology, Inc
Vivianna Bendixson SWFWMD
Robin Speidel  SWFWMD
Madison Trowbridge SWFWMD
Matt Cohen University of Florida
John Kiefer Wood

All questions regarding this list should be directed to SpringsTeam@WaterMatters.org.