District Recognizes Water Reuse Week

News Release

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) recognizes May 13-19 as Water Reuse Week to focus the public on the benefits of expanding this important water resource. The District’s Governing Board signed a resolution proclaiming Water Reuse Week at its April meeting.

Water reuse is the process of using highly treated wastewater for a beneficial purpose. Also known as reclaimed water, it is primarily used for irrigation, but also can be used for other purposes. There are many benefits to using reclaimed water, such as reducing potable water use, reducing discharge into rivers and bays from wastewater plants, and ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective water supply.

The District works with local utilities and water users to maximize the beneficial use of reclaimed water as an alternative water supply. The use of reclaimed water helps meet current and future water supply needs in the region and is a vital component of the District’s Regional Water Supply Plan and Strategic Plan.

Reclaimed Water Facts:

• The District has funded 377 projects and provided more than $450 million in funding since 1987.
• There are 1,000 miles of reclaimed water pipelines in the District.
• 44% of the wastewater in the District is currently being reused, exceeding the state and national average.
• Reclaimed water is meeting the irrigation needs of 116,000 residences, 189 golf courses, 478 parks and 174 schools.
• Reclaimed water also is used for industrial purposes in 10 power plants and 42 cooling towers.

The District joins the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other water management districts in this effort to promote and encourage the efficient use of reclaimed water.

For more information about water reuse or reclaimed water, please visit the District’s website at WaterMatters.org/Reclaimed.