Industrial Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) is to provide professional and technical input into District programs and activities.

This includes regulatory programs, rule revisions, water conservation activities, water resource planning, water resource and supply development projects, research and other water resource management projects that relate to the environment. Subject matter considered by the IAC shall relate to the statutory duties and responsibilities of the District.

IAC members serve as liaisons with the District, maintaining communication with members of their organizations and conveying input from the organization to the IAC. In addition, the IAC acts as an education extension of the District by helping to disseminate information and by advising and assisting the District in education programs and projects. A function of the IAC shall be to provide two-way communication between the District and the industrial community.

Committee files 

Governing Board Liaison

Ashley Bell Barnett

Committee Officers

Acting Chair - Ilia Balcom, Duke Energy Florida 
Vice Chair - Vacant

Committee Members

Duke Energy Florida, Inc. 
Mosaic Fertilizer LLC
Port of Tampa
Southeast Environmental Solutions, Inc. 
Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. 
Standard Sand and Silica
Tampa Electric Company


Industrial Advisory Committee Meeting Info

Industrial Advisory Committee
Industrial Advisory Committee Field Trip
Industrial Advisory Committee
Industrial Advisory Committee