Social Research Project Summaries

Project Summaries

Project summaries provide insight into project details as well as final results of campaigns, studies, pilots and programs that the District funds.


Florida-Friendly Fertilizing

2011 Year of Study

The "Florida-Friendly Fertilizing" campaign's goal was to increase District residents’ knowledge about proper fertilizing procedures and the negative aspects of over-fertilizing or failing to follow package directions. A resulting goal was to positively impact residents’ self-reported proper fertilizing behaviors. This campaign ran in 2011 from February to May.


Get Outside!

2010 Year of Study

The District recognized a need to develop an outreach campaign targeted to residents and visitors in the District to promote the recreational opportunities available on District lands. In September 2009 the "Get Outside!" campaign was launched; phase one of this campaign ran through October 2010. This summary details background, purpose, objectives, methods and results for this campaign.



2010 Year of Study

The “Skip a Week” campaign ran from December 2009 through February 2010. This summary details background, purpose, methods, strategies, results and social marketing practices used in this campaign.