Myakka River State Park — Myakka Prairie Tract

Myakka River State Park — Myakka Prairie Tract

Cooperatively Managed

Myakka Prairie is managed as a part of the Myakka River State Park and is part of a 100-square-mile regional area of contiguous and natural publicly protected lands. The Myakka River State Park borders the property on the north and west, and Sarasota County's Carlton Reserve borders the property on the south. Myakka Prairie, in combination with the surrounding public lands, is regionally important to present and future conservation and protection of water resources and natural systems of the Myakka River watershed.

The property has large expanses of excellent dry prairie that are considered a globally imperiled habitat. The remainder of the property contains depressional marshes interspersed with pine flatwoods and hammocks. Deer Prairie Slough runs through the eastern portion of the property.

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