Marshall Hampton Reserve

The Marshall Hampton Reserve was acquired by the District in 2008. The Polk County Environmental Lands Program entered into a management agreement with the District in 2010 to oversee the management of the property.

The acquisition of this property protected a significant amount of shoreline and floodplain swamp on the edge of Lake Hancock. Lake Hancock is often referred to as the headwaters of the Peace River.

At times the property can be extremely wet, often flooding entire portions of the property. Even some of the hammock areas will hold a significant amount of water for short periods. Visitors have a couple of multiuse trail options to explore the Marshall Hampton Reserve.

Park Details

Street Address

3115 Thornhill Road
Winter Haven, FL 33880
United States

1173 Acres
Hours of Operation
Daily from 6 a.m.—6:30 p.m. during standard time and 5:30 a.m.—8 p.m. during daylight savings\r\ntime.

Site Features

Recreation Opportunities

Recreation Term


Recreation Description
  • Horseback riding is available by special use permit. For free permit, contact Polk County.
  • Approximately 7 miles of multiuse trails.
  • Riders are required to stay on designated or marked trails.
  • Each rider must carry proof of horse's current negative Coggins test.
  • Florida law requires equestrians under 16 to wear helmets.

Recreation Term


Recreation Description
  • Approximately 7 miles of multiuse trails.
  • Benches are scattered along the hammock trail.

Osprey Overlook Loop Trail

  • 2.5-mile multiuse trail.
  • Trail is an elevated berm all the way around the 60-acre pond.
  • Wildlife watchers will enjoy watching the ospreys, cormorants, coots and eagles.

Acorn Hammock Loop

  • 3.5-mile multiuse trail.
  • Shaded trail through a scenic oak hammock that loops around through historic pine flatwoods.

Wildlife Viewing

  • A variety of wildlife have been observed on the site, such as gators, bobcat, turkey and pileated woodpeckers. If you listen while you walk, you may hear the animals moving about in the palmettos — as this is a great place for them to hide. 

Additional Information

Access and Parking
  • Just off Thornhill Road, entrance is on west side of road.
  • Parking and walk-through are provided for hikers.
  • Equestrian parking is available after obtaining a special use permit.
Restrooms and Water

No restrooms or water available.



Northwest/Central Polk County, between south Lakeland and Winter Haven

For more Information
  • Polk County Natural Resources Department, (863) 534-7377