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The Southwest Florida Water Management District’s online permitting system, known as ePermitting, is a great resource for fast access to permit information. The majority of the District’s permits are submitted online using ePermitting. It’s fast, easy and saves resources.

Well Construction Permit

A well construction permit is required prior to installation of a water well within the District. The permits ensure that wells are constructed by qualified contractors and meet rigid safety and durability standards.

Water Use Permit

A water use permit allows withdrawal of a specified amount of water from the ground, lake or river.

Environmental Resource Permit

An environmental resource permit is required before beginning any construction activity that would affect wetlands, alter surface water flows or contribute to water pollution.

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Receipt of Application Noticing »

This page lists all Water Use Permit and Environmental Permit applications received by the District within the last 30 days.

Not finding your application of interest? You can search all applications received using the Application and Permit Search Tools below.

In addition to viewing or searching notices, you can sign up to receive notices by email. Click ‘Log In Now’ below to create an ePermitting account and select the notices you wish to receive.

Third-Party Noticing

District actions regarding issuance or denial of a permit, petition or qualification for exemption only become closed to future legal challenges if third parties have been properly notified and no third party objects within a specific period. Third-party noticing information and forms are provided to assist you with proper noticing regarding your application. MORE INFO »

Permit Noticing by Email

Account holders can subscribe to receive information by email about new applications or agency action. An email notification will be sent daily based on the criteria entered and when applicable.

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Search and view current or past applications and permits by application or permit number, county, basin, water use caution area, or section, township and range.

Well Construction Permit Search

Water Use Permit Search

Environmental Resource Permit Search

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Environmental Resource Permit Search by watching this short step-by-step video »
Water Use Permit Search by watching this short step-by-step video »
Well Construction Permit Search by watching this short step-by-step video »

Permits Map Gallery

Find permits via our geographic information system. The ePermitting system is only available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. throughout the week and from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the weekends.

“SWIFTMUD, Inc.” and “swiftmudinspect.com” Not Associated with the District:  Please be aware there are entities doing business in the Tampa and surrounding areas as “SWIFTMUD, Inc.” and “swiftmudinspect.com”. These entities are not in any way affiliated with, or endorsed by, the District. These entities are soliciting customers through direct mailings that offer to perform inspections and prepare inspection reports for surface water management systems to maintain compliance with permits. These entities do not have the District’s permission or authority to represent that any inspection reports submitted to the District will insure against compliance issues.

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