Well Construction Permits

A Well Construction Permit is required prior to installation of a water well within the District. The permits ensure that wells are constructed by qualified contractors and meet rigid safety and durability standards.

The rules in Chapter 40D-3, F.A.C. govern the construction of water wells and water well contractor licensing, and implement the provisions of Part III of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes. These rules are adopted to ensure that all water wells within the District are located, constructed, maintained, used, and abandoned in a manner that protects the water resources.

Local agencies in Manatee, Sarasota, and Marion counties issue well construction permits within their respective county boundaries. If required, a Water Use Permit must first be obtained from the District before these agencies can issue a Well Construction Permit. Contact the Manatee Environmental Management Department, Sarasota County Health Department, or Marion County Health Department for more information.

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