New District Program


The new year kicks off with a new District program aimed at recognizing outstanding stewards of Florida’s water resources. This new program is known as the Water Stewardship Awards.

“Florida’s watersheds are being protected by people and entities that care about what happens to our freshwater supplies,” said Communications Director Linda McBride. “That’s why the Governing Board initiated this program, to recognize and award those who are impacting our water resources in a positive way.”

The Water Stewardship Awards program will recognize projects in the following categories:

  • Natural systems (restoration/preservation)
  • Water supply and conservation
  • Water resource education
  • Land management
  • Water quality

Eligible projects must have been completed within District boundaries (see map at right) and at least a portion of the project must have occurred in 2003, with the total project being completed by December 2003.

The applicant must demonstrate the project’s success in the following areas:

  • Protection and/ or conservation of west-central Florida’s water resources
  • Demonstration of cost-effectiveness
  • Demonstration of a benefit beyond that which is required by law, regulation or permitting requirements

The awards are open to private businesses (commercial and agriculture), government agencies, individuals/communities (volunteers, business service clubs, individuals and non-government organizations), and educational institutions.

“From hands-on restoration projects to long-term engineering projects, many people are taking a proactive approach to protecting our local water resources,” said McBride.

A formal application must be submitted for each entry. Applications are available on the District’s Web site at The application deadline is April 5. Winners will be notified in August.