‘Rag Tag Team’ of Landscaping Pros Takes ‘Ruling Water Champion’ Prize

Landscape Challenge attendees and winners

Left: Merry Mott from the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association, far left; Lou Kavouras, District deputy executive director, second from right; and Sylvia Durell, District senior communications coordinator, far right, present the first-place award to the Rag Tag Team. Right: Sandra Harrison of Fernview Farm, left, and Ken Dobler from Ameriscape Services assemble an irrigation system during the Water It Right challenge.

A team of industry landscaping professionals representing three separate companies earned the title of “Ruling Water Champion” at the second annual Landscape Challenge held at the District’s Brooksville headquarters.

Ken Dobler from Ameriscape Services in Tampa, Danny Grillo from Land O’ Lakes Tree Farm in Dade City, and James and Sandra Harrison from Fernview Farm in Summerfield comprised the Rag Tag Team that took first place in the competition.

Four teams competed against each other by demonstrating landscape management practices that protect water resources. The competition was sponsored by the District and coordinated by the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association and Sustainable Yards by Wildrose Lawncare. Other teams were fielded by the District, Luke Brothers Landscape Services in Holiday, and the City of Brooksville.

The teams competed in four challenges: The Spin on Bugs for pest management, the Fertilizer Course for fertilization, Happy Plants for the right plant in the right place, and Water It Right for irrigation.

The Landscape Challenge provides hands-on instruction in a competitive format. It allows participating teams from professional landscape maintenance companies and government facilities departments to demonstrate their real-world application of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ techniques. Last year’s winning team was from Raymow Enterprises, Inc., an Oldsmar landscape contractor.