Governing Board Approves Resolution to Merge Basin Boards

In order to increase efficiency of operations and reduce costs, the Governing Board approved a resolution to merge the budgets of the District’s eight Basin Boards into the Governing Board’s budget, while keeping a reduced Cooperative Funding Initiative to fund regional projects.

The District’s eight Basin Boards provided guidance for local programs and projects that were specific to the watershed basin they protected. Through the Cooperative Funding Initiative, the Basin Boards worked with local governments and organizations on water resource projects that benefited local communities. Half of the money for these projects came from the Basin Boards and the other half came from the local government or local cooperator.

Merging the eight Basin Boards into the Governing Board is expected to save $350,000 to $400,000 annually.

Under the proposed FY2012 budget, $40 million will remain available for cooperatively funded projects throughout the District’s 16-county region. The funding will be administered by members of the District’s Governing Board.

“Through the Cooperative Funding Initiative, the Basin Boards have played an integral role in the District’s ability to implement water resources projects at the local level and to involve residents, organizations and local governments,” said Dave Moore, District executive director. “We are committed to continuing the work of the Basin Boards through cooperative funding and other initiatives.”

Basin Board meetings scheduled for June were canceled and future meetings will no longer be held.