Online Access Makes Reporting Easy

Electronic Innovation

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Testing is complete! The District is now offering the opportunity for permit holders to submit required data conditions over the Internet.

A few years ago, the District asked permit holders if there was an interest in doing away with the current forms and submitting data online. The answer was a resounding “YES.” Permit holders also told the District about specific needs and wants with an online system and staff developers successfully incorporated most of the requested features in the new Web site.

“Permit holders also told the District about specific needs and wants with an online system and staff developers successfully incorporated most of the requested features…”

Some of the most common requests included the desire for a high level of security, the ability to see all permit conditions due in a month, an easy and quick set of screens, access “24/7/365,” and the ability to have all of an owner’s permits linked in one Web site. We have incorporated these features and many more into the District’s offering.

There are more than 8,000 Water Use Permits in the District’s 16-county area with the majority having conditions that require periodic reporting to stay in compliance. Most require the reporting of data values instead of text based documents such as reports or studies. Of these, the most common is monthly meter readings. However, there are other data conditions, such as lake levels, monitoring well levels and water quality parameters. All of these conditions can now be submitted each month online. In addition, if a condition is due less frequently, the permit’s data screen will only “ask” for that information in the months in which that condition is due.


This program is voluntary. And there are a number of benefits to those who choose to participate. Scan forms will not need to be submitted once the permit is linked to the database. Information is automatically uploaded to the District’s database, so there is little opportunity for your data to be incorrectly keyed into the database by staff. Information can be submitted at the last minute. Additional information can be included on the browser screen including the meter number, that a meter has rolled over, or that data submitted is for estimated pumpage due to a meter break.

More Features

While the initial phase offers data input, future phases will allow additional functionality. Features under evaluation for future phases include text reporting, the ability to see historical information on a permit, and the ability to submit text-based information, such as a conservation plan, or a stormwater or reclaimed water feasibility study.

Additional functionality will depend on the number of permit holders who use the Internet as their main method of submitting condition data and the feedback that the District gets from users.


If you are interested in participating, there are only a few requirements: a PC with a connection to the Internet, a password and PIN (personal identification number), and a list of water use permits. Permit holders will be able to choose their own passwords and PINs, which will then be linked to their water use permits. Contact Deanna Naugler, Permit Data Analyst, at extension 4312 for more information, or to get your “account” set up.