District Awards Grants to Schools in Hillsborough County for Water Resources Education Projects

News Release

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) awarded $119,000 in grants to 65 schools within the District as part of the Splash! school grant program. The program provides up to $3,000 per school to enhance student knowledge of freshwater resources in grades K-12.

Splash! grants encourage hands-on student learning through STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities as well as engagement of the greater school community through awareness campaigns. Each school district allocates a portion of their annual youth education funding provided by the District to support the Splash! grants in their county.

The District awarded grants to the following schools/teachers in Hillsborough County:

  • Colson Elementary - Jackie MacLean          
  • Community Charter School of Excellence - Debra Gwyn    
  • Dowdell Middle Magnet School - Candice LaRussa 
  • Dr. Carter G. Woodson PK-8 - Candace Johnson Thornton
  • Dr. Carter G. Woodson PK-8 - Maria Carvalho
  • East Bay High School - Michelle Laycock    
  • George M. Steinbrenner High School - Timothy B Harris     
  • Heritage Elementary School - Susan Hopper           
  • Inez Doby Elementary School - Pamela Vasquez    
  • Jackson Elementary School - Elizabeth Damsel      
  • Lawton Chiles Elementary - Linda Rosen     
  • Learning Gate Community School - Adam Wolford  
  • Pizzo K-8 School - Alyssa Mormon  
  • Pride Elementary School - Lindsay Green    
  • Robinson High School - Tiffany Oliver          
  • South County Career Center - Ryan Lerch   
  • Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School - Michael Wiggs      
  • Terrace Community Middle School - Elizabeth Mila 
  • Turner Bartels K-8 - Jennifer Cogan

Grants are available for freshwater resources field studies, water-conserving garden projects, community or school awareness campaigns and on-site workshops. Last year’s Splash! grants brought water resources education to nearly 10,487 students throughout the District. For more information, please visit the District’s website at WaterMatters.org/SchoolGrants.



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