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Mission Who We Are & What We Do

The responsibilities of the District include flood protection, water supply, water quality, and protecting the environment.

Strategic Plan Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan communicates the District’s forward perspective to address our fast-growing region’s water resource priorities.

Advisory Committees Advisory Committees

Advisory committees provide input to the District and are an important means of communication with their constituencies.

Budget Budget

Annual service budget, development and efficiency exercises.

District History District History

A light primer of the origin and evolution of the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Water Management Plan District Water Management Plan

Our comprehensive guide concerning water resource management responsibilities.

Governing Board Florida’s Water Management Districts

State of Florida map links to district websites and lists counties within each jurisdiction.

Governing Board Governing Board

A 13-member Governing Board establishes policies for our 16-county area.

Organization and Operation Lobbyist Registration

Effective July 1, 2014, a person may not lobby a water management district in Florida until such person has registered as a lobbyist with that district by filing a registration form.

Organization and Operation Organization and Operation

An agency overview detailing the organization structure and operation flow.

Speakers Bureau Speakers Bureau

Our staff is available to share their knowledge and expertise with a wide variety of audiences. Programs are presented at no charge within the District’s 16-county area.

Staff Organization Staff Organization

An overview of our agency’s organizational structure.

Water 101 Water 101

Watch this multi-part video about our water resource issues in west-central Florida.


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