Federal Flood Map Updates

Federal flood maps — used to assess flooding risks — are being updated for our area with your help and input.

Why These Maps Need Updating

This national effort of map modernization will produce more reliable flood risk data and in a digital format. This new format will enable communities to overlay and analyze new flood data with street layouts, demographics, infrastructure and evacuation routes. It also provides more timely access to update maps as flood risks change. The result will be a powerful, digitized tool for local risk assessment, floodplain management, land use and emergency planning.

Most of the flood maps are outdated by more than 10 years because of natural and physical changes caused by land use, development and erosion.

Our Role

The Southwest Florida Water Management District was established in 1961 to operate and maintain several large flood protection projects. Our responsibilities have expanded to include managing water supply and protecting water quality and the natural systems.

We’re serving as a cooperating technical partner for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, who is managing this project nationally. Locally, we’re working with engineers and governments to update flood insurance rate maps.

Benefits of the Updates

  • Homeowners can make better decisions about protecting property.
  • Communities can better manage floodplains and wetlands, flood risks, land and water resources, and disasters.
  • Insurance companies can better help homeowners assess risks and calculate flood insurance premiums.
  • Banks and lenders use the data to help protect borrowers and loans and to determine whether property owners are required by law to obtain flood insurance.

Preliminary Floodplain Results Public Meetings

These public meetings provide citizens a chance to learn about the data and science used to determine the flood hazard areas, to view the preliminary floodplain results and to ask questions and provide comments.

Find Your Watershed

We all live in a watershed. To find out if you reside in a watershed with preliminary floodplain data, use our watershed search tool.

Preliminary Floodplain Public Meetings

Visit our floodplain meetings calendar to review the status of watersheds, by county.