Land Management Plans

The District adopts plans to ensure its public conservation lands are used and managed in ways that are consistent with Florida Statutes and the District’s mission.

2021 Land Management Plan Updates

District policy requires management plans for District-owned conservation lands be reviewed and updated every ten years, unless otherwise directed by the Governing Board. This process involves seeking input from stakeholders and incorporating feedback into the development of the new ten-year plan. The objective of this process is to ensure District conservation lands are being managed in a way that is consistent with the purposes for which they were acquired. District conservation lands are acquired to preserve and protect water resources and natural systems while also providing public access for recreation.

Currently, the six draft plans below have been identified for further review:

Virtual public meetings will be held on the following dates via Teams:

The District is seeking public comment during the meetings and via its website through July 30.

Staff will present the drafts to the Governing Board at its August and September meetings.

Land Use and Management Plans

District lands are open to the public and community input is vital in determining how these lands are managed and used. Each of the following plans includes the natural resource and public use strategies and objectives established for these lands over the 10-year period for which they cover.