Additional Resources for Hoteliers

Florida Green Lodging Program »

A voluntary initiative of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), this program designates lodging facilities that make a commitment to conserve and protect Florida’s natural resources.

Note: Your hotel can receive 13 points towards the Florida Green Lodging designation by joining Water CHAMP, implementing a towel and linen reuse program using our free in-room materials or your own, and by installing the free low flow faucet aerators you’ll receive upon joining Water CHAMP.

Water Conservation Best Management Practices »

Some of these BMPs, developed by the Florida Green Lodging Program, are inexpensive to apply and can reduce your hotel’s water bill, electricity, sewage and chemical costs.

Water Efficiency and Self-Conducted Water Audit Guidebook »

Developed by the South Florida Water Management District, this guide helps management lower operating costs by understanding their building’s water use and developing a plan to increase efficiency without sacrificing performance. The manual and how-to spreadsheet calculators can be downloaded here »

Note: Using this guide provides you five points towards the water conservation portion of the Florida Green Lodging designation.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ »

A Florida-friendly approach to landscaping emphasizes nine guiding principles that may help hoteliers conserve water and reduce pollution of water resources. Order free educational materials here or get expert advice on Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ »

Note: Practicing Florida-friendly principles such as installing drought-tolerant plants, using rain gauges and efficient irrigation can help you earn four points towards the water conservation portion of the Florida Green Lodging designation.