8. Stormwater Runoff

When it rains it pours in Florida, and when it pours, the water that runs off your yard might be polluted. How? Oil on your driveway, too much fertilizer on your lawn, even doggie do — they all can pollute rainwater. If those types of pollution are allowed to run off, they can end up causing problems in your watershed. They might also end up sinking down and polluting the ground water.

Make Every Raindrop Count!

A well-designed, Florida-friendly yard will soak up the rain that falls onto it. That way storm water will not run off — it will be filtered before it causes problems. How can you reduce the amount of rain that runs off your yard?

  1. Make sure downspouts from your roof empty into your yard, not onto driveways or other hard surfaces where the water will just run off.
  2. Dips (swales) and bumps (berms) in your yard can help keep water from rushing away before it gets a chance to soak in.
  3. Rain barrels collect water, usually from your roof, that you can use to water plants or fill a swimming pool.
  4. Gravel and mulch can be used for paths or driveways, and they will let rainwater sink into the ground instead of rushing away like it would on pavement or asphalt.

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