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1/11/11, (4:00 PM - 6:30 PM) Nocatee Elementary School, 4846 SW Shores Avenue, Nocatee, FL 34268.
"Watershed Management Program Preliminary Results Disclaimer This information is being developed in accordance with the Southwest Florida Water Management District's Watershed Management Program Guidelines and Specifications (G&S) and is provided for informational and review purposes. The G&S define the watershed parameters used to develop a computer model that simulates projected surface water levels. The model includes watershed and rainfall event simulation parameters such as a design rainfall event and associated antecedent moisture conditions. This information has not been finalized and may be revised following a public review and comment period. Revisions may result in changes to the projected surface water levels. This information should be used as a reference only and not as the definitive source to determine flood elevations at this time. The District does not guarantee the completeness of this information and it is being provided as preliminary. The District shall not be liable for any damages
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