Testing the Water

Sharing Science With Students

Seventh Graders Testing Water Quality

Joseph Haber, staff hydrologist, accompanied Dunnellon Middle School students on a trip to Rainbow Springs where he instructed them on how to test for water quality.

More than 100 students at Dunnellon Middle School participate in the PAWS (Promoting Awesome Watershed Stewardship) Legacy Program, a District-funded project that receives matching grant funds from Florida Learn and Serve. The program is a hands-on learning experience that allows seventh- and eighth-grade students the opportunity to increase their knowledge about watersheds and the water resources within them, while exposing students to a variety of career opportunities in land management. The students are assigned to publicly owned land and allowed to participate in land management activities. Examples of activities include plant biodiversity studies, water quality testing, designing hiking trails and exotic species identification and removal.

This excursion was in conjunction with World Water Monitoring Day.