Second Medard Reservoir Sirens test scheduled for this Saturday at noon

News Release

The Southwest Florida Water Management District will conduct a monthly audible test of the three sirens installed near the Edward Medard Park reservoir in southeast Hillsborough County this Saturday at noon.

The audible testing takes place the first Saturday of each month at noon to ensure the sirens perform properly. During testing, the sirens sound for about 15 seconds. The hearing range of the sirens is dependent upon many factors including weather conditions and obstructions such as homes and trees.

The sirens, which are considered an outdoor warning system, were installed as an additional safety measure for the unlikely event of an emergency that could result in the failure of the reservoir’s dam. The 700-acre reservoir is part of Edward Medard Park, a popular recreation area located just east of Turkey Creek Road and south of State Road 60. The park is managed by Hillsborough County, while the reservoir dam is operated by the District. The District regularly inspects and maintains the reservoir’s control structure and earthen berm to ensure that they are safe and functioning properly.

The sirens were installed at the request of residents who attended public meetings held in 2003. The first siren is located at the discharge spillway of the reservoir. The second siren is at Lewis Road and Winding Brook Lane, 1/3 mile east of where Bloomingdale Avenue dead ends. The third siren is located on the west side of River Drive just south of Lithia Pinecrest Road.

In the case of a real emergency at the dam, the sirens would be activated with alternating intervals of three minutes of sound followed by three minutes of silence to alert residents to evacuate and seek higher ground. This would continue until the conclusion of the emergency situation.

For more information, please call the Operations Department at the District’s Brooksville Headquarters at 1-800-423-1476 or (352) 796-7211.