Sarasota's WOW! Event Provides Fun, Active Ways to Learn About Watersheds

News Release

The "Southwest Florida Water Management District(Southwest Florida Water Management District)":/ is partnering with the "Science and Environment Council (SEC) of Sarasota County": to teach area residents about watersheds.

Sarasota County's Fourth Annual WOW! Water Opportunities Week Nov. 5–13 will be filled with fun, nature-based activities for the whole family that teach awareness and good stewardship of watersheds.

"Watersheds ":/education/watersheds are land areas from which surface water drains into streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, bays or other bodies of water. The health of Sarasota's watersheds determines the quality of Sarasota's water bodies, large and small. This in turn, affects the quality of life for residents and visitors. Everyone who lives, works and plays in Sarasota County can take simple steps to make a difference when it comes to protecting the county's watersheds.

Events throughout the week are planned at Sarasota's "G.WIZ Science Museum":, Bradenton's "South Florida Museum":, "Historic Spanish Point": on Little Sarasota Bay, the "Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium": on Sarasota Bay and more. Go to the SEC website at "": to learn more about the organization and for a complete listing of WOW! Water Opportunities Week event dates, times and locations.

WOW! Water Opportunities Week events are sponsored by the SEC and the District's Manasota Basin Board.