Residential customers eligible to receive toilet rebate

News Release

Charlotte County Utilities residential customers are now eligible to participate in a toilet rebate program aimed at conserving water.

The toilet rebate program, which is cooperatively funded by the county and the Southwest Florida Water Management District's Peace River Basin Board, offers rebates to replace high-volume toilets with water-efficient, low-flow toilets or high-efficiency toilets. Low-flow toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush or less while high-efficiency toilets use about 1.28 gallons per flush.

Residential customers must be current Charlotte County Utilities water customers with toilets that were made and installed before 1995 and use 3.5 gallons of water or more per flush. Up to two toilets per household may be replaced.

Participants must request a rebate application and receive approval before replacing their toilet. All program guidelines, including a post-installation inspection of both the old and new toilets, must also be followed.

Rebates are available to single-family customers at $100 per toilet. Up to two toilets per household may be replaced.

This project is estimated to provide potable water savings of 28,470 gallons per day or 10.4 million gallons per year. This is the second year of a potential 5-year effort.

The program is expected to cost $114,020. As part of the agreement, Charlotte County will receive up to $57,010 in grant funding from the District's Peace River Basin Board.

The program includes educational materials that focus on leak detection and proper flapper replacement to help consumers maximize the water-saving capabilities of their toilets.

For more information about the Charlotte County Toilet Rebate Program, interested customers should call 1-888-843-9832.