New Law Requires Lobbyists to Register with District

News Release

In accordance with a new law passed during the 2014 state legislative session, all lobbyists will be required to register with the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Senate Bill 846, recently signed by Governor Rick Scott, goes into effect July 1 and requires Florida's five water management districts to develop a lobbyist registration process. A separate registration form must be submitted to each water management district that a person will be lobbying. Starting July 1, members of the public will have easy access to the registration process through the District's website at

Lobbyists must submit a registration form and principal's authorization before talking with a District official or employee on behalf of the firms, corporations or groups they are paid to represent. Registration will be renewable at the beginning of each calendar year. The District will not be not charging a fee to register. A database of registered lobbyists will be accessible on the District's website, and members of the public can click on lobbyists' names in the database to see the principals they represent.