Governing Board Meeting to be Conducted Remotely

News Release

Public participation will be provided through online viewing or conference call options

The Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Governing Board will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday, July 28, at 9 a.m. remotely.

In-person attendance by Board members and staff will be limited in accordance with the directive in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Emergency Order to conduct all public meetings electronically. With the exception of the Governing Board chair, all other Board members will be participating remotely. Only staff that are necessary for the meeting will attend in person at the Brooksville Headquarters, located at 2379 Broad Street in Brooksville.

To view the Governing Board meeting online, visit and click on the “Live Video Stream” link. The video stream link becomes active and the live video feed begins approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

For any members of the public who wish to provide input to the Governing Board, call in at 1-888-585-9008, then enter conference room #346-054-201. This is for listening and/or making public comments. Please remember to mute your microphone or connection to reduce the amount of distortion others on the call will be hearing. You can use *2 to mute and unmute your phone.

If you are calling in to provide input but also want to see the meeting presentations, we recommend you use the Skype option here rather than our traditional livestream. Please use the conference code #145023189 when prompted. Please be sure to check the “Don’t join audio” button in the Skype login screen as the Skype audio will cause audio feedback issues and make it difficult for others to hear the meeting.

The meeting agenda and meeting materials are posted one week before the meeting, and can be found at by clicking on the “Go to District Calendar” link.




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